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Colorful PETALS

Colorful is colorful, Petals is petals

With the hope that you will be given color through colorful paper flowers.



Spend the days creatively, not just the days of consumption.

Such time is a luxury in busy days.

The impression that I think it's beautiful, the desire to make it, and the feeling that I like this color for some reason.

In that way, I create it obediently to my sensibility .

Enjoy colorful days and life to enjoy manufacturing and art in everyday life through paper flowers!​​

Choose your favorite color, concentrate on cutting the paper with scissors,

Immerse yourself in manufacturing without looking at your mobile phone.

Observe the flowers.

​Color Your Life with Flowers


 Hello I am Aya


​Photo Credit: Kelly Lemon Photography

After I fell in love with the modeling and color usage at first sight and returned to Japan, I saw the works of overseas artists.


​Photo Credit: Caroline Tran  Photography

Inspired by the flowers you see at the flower market and on the road, we use high quality German and Italian crepe paper to cut, shape and assemble the petals one by one to make flowers. We may also color it for the ideal color.

Each flower is handmade and made by the original method, so each flower has a different shape and color and is very unique. It is also attractive that you can enjoy its beauty for a long time.


Master of Advertising from Michigan State University. Buyer marketing at both Japanese and US consumer goods manufacturers,


​♡ My LOVE ♡:

Make things, draw pictures, cut flowers in the garden and put them in a vase, and enjoy cooking.

I have enjoyed various creations since I was a child.

When I traveled to the United States in the summer of 2016, I happened to be at the interior green section of a bookstore.

From the experience of a fresh flower designer, I am good at realistic and delicate modeling and color, and also space decoration by mixing with fresh flowers.

Look at the botanical book

Started making paper flowers by self-education.

A paper flower book I picked up.​​

​Travel, dogs, delicious food, nature, beach sandals

During his busy days as an office worker, he learned ikebana and learned the balance and composition of space. Later, he started an online flower shop as a freelancer.

Sales promotion .

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