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For creative people who like art.

To you who are unique and want something that is a bit different from other people.

To you who want to surprise guests.

Colorful PETALS makes only one flower for you in the world for weddings, party decorations and items.



Colorful PETALS paper flowers​​

◯ Original and creative color and texture of paper flowers

◯ Venue flower arrangement with fresh green that is possible only because we have experience as flower designers of fresh flowers

◯ Proposal of paper flowers considering the total design of flowers and items at the venue


Items that can be ordered​​

<Venue flower arrangement>

Takasago, guest table, reception, welcome space, welcome board, chair flower, back drop, etc.


Boutonniere, hair accessories, wristlets, boutonnière, etc.

If you have any other requests, please contact us.


Order flow​​

1.  Please contact us for order consultation and reservation. We will adjust the schedule of the meeting.

2.  Hearing and matching the atmosphere of the wedding, the whole party, or the dress with your budget at the meeting

(Meetings may be held directly or via web meetings, phone calls, or emails, depending on the situation.)

Please do not hesitate to tell us if you have the desired design, color and atmosphere.

3.  We will present design proposals and quotations from here. Please consider and decide.

If you decide, please pay by the due date.

4.  We will decorate the venue at the designated place and time. Bouquets, hair accessories, etc. will be delivered at the designated place and time.

It will be delivered by courier to a distant place. (Shipping fee will be charged separately.)

​  Paper flowers in the case of flowers at the venue will be collected on this side.


* Made to order and handmade one by one.

If you contact us about 2 months in advance, we can make a proposal with plenty of time.


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