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This is an introduction class for those who make flowers using crepe paper for the first time.

It is structured so that you can learn the details of all the basic ideas, how to make, and necessary tools for Colorful PETALS paper flowers. After the lecture, you will be asked to make a simple shaped leaf (Italian Ruscus).

Taking this class will deepen your understanding of future classes, so it is especially recommended for those who want to make paper flowers from now on.

This class is for a wide range of people, those who are interested in encountering the world of paper flowers for the first time, those who are wondering whether to learn in earnest, those who want to start something new.

* The material kit will be sent to the address when you applied.

* The workshop will be in Japanese, but even those who live overseas can participate.

Date and time:

Please select the desired date and time.

2/19 (Friday) 19: 00-

2/23 (Tue / holiday) 11: 00-

2/27 (Sat) 11: 00-

Time required:

About 1.5 hours

(Please note that the end time may be slightly different.)


3,400 yen

* Including material cost / Shipping fee not included (Shipping fee varies between Japan and overseas. Please select the country name of the delivery destination when purchasing.)


What is a paper flower? How do you make it? What tools do you need?

Paper flowers that started in Europe and the United States are still very rare, so everyone should know this first. By the end of this class, you will learn the basic ideas and how to make them, which will open the door to the world of paper flowers.

What to prepare:

Scissors that cut well, PC (desktop, tablet, mobile phone, etc. that can use Zoom) Space where you can fully create

* After receiving the application, materials (templates, papers, glues, instructions, etc.) and other necessary items for the class will be mailed to your address.

Reservation deadline:

2/19 (Fri) --- Until 2/14

2/23 (Tue / holiday) --- Until 2/18

2/27 (Sat) --- Until 2/22

* The deadline for overseas residents is 2 weeks before the implementation date.

* Overseas * delivery is usually expected to take about 2 weeks, but due to the influence of the new corona, the application deadline is set earlier than that of residents in Japan. In the unlikely event that it does not arrive by the day of the workshop, we will propose another schedule.

* Overseas *: Only those who live in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, and Hong Kong can participate.

Minimum number of participants:

1 person


In case of unavoidable cancellation due to customer's convenience, please contact us as soon as possible due to preparations.

* In principle, the following cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation after application.

The day before ... 50% of the entry fee

Absence without notice on the day ... 100% of the entry fee

* If you cancel before the day before, no cancellation fee will be charged, but if you cancel after the material has been delivered, the material will be sent back at the participant's expense.

If you have any questions , please contact us!

(2/19, 23, 27) Paper flower intro

  • This workshop is an online workshop that you can participate in from your home using Zoom ( ).

    Please join us from the Zoom URL that we will send you, and on the day you will see the live explanation and demonstration and make it together.

    Please participate only if you are in an environment where you can zoom at home. The Zoom convocation address will be sent to the email address you provided by the day of the event.

    * Both browsers and apps can be used, but it may be difficult to see from a mobile phone because the screen is small.

    * The URL for joining Zoom and the meeting ID / password will be sent to the e-mail address you entered when you applied.

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